Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Of 'BAMOK' dan 'Inside Tummy'

I’m so proud dengan kembang kempis hidung sekali when lots of people been using the word bamok  which I ‘invented’ few years back to call Ompi – She was one chubby little girl so  I called her ‘bamok bamok’, geram macam nk hug kuat and gomol gomol..hihi..For those who don’t know what bamok means would simply say bamok itu gemok but actually I used that to combine these words baby+gemok = bamok bamok..However my spelling might vary- sometime I type bamuk or bamok..

Bila baca post2 orang lain yang panggil anak or girlfriend  diaorg bamok or bamuk – I really swollen with pride when the word I used to call Ompi dah jadi common slang lah pulak..Nampak comel di situ kan?..hihi..Actually, I memang ada compose lagu bamok bamok for my kids lirik dia camni:

Bamok Bamok Gompi
Sayang sayang si bebi mama
Bamok bamok Moleen
Bebi mama si manja manja

Mama sayang
Babah sayang
Dua orang
Marsya Sophie Irdina
Ayaana Sybilla Maureen

This is the song we sing every day, especially when lil’ misses bergaduh and say sorry after that. Kiranya lagu ni macam lagu pengikat kasih sayang bagi mereka berdua . Yayan also dah hafal lagu ini dengan fluently! ahaha

Another word is ‘inside tummy ‘which has also been widely used among my friends in fb. Pada pemahaman seorang kanak kanak 3 tahun (Sophie ketika itu), ‘inside tummy’ refers to a baby in the womb and Sophie used the terms to describe her sister Ayaana when I was pregnant with her. Sophie would call her ‘inside tummy’ and talked to ‘lil yayan in the womb every single day! So looking at others using same phrase in their statuses (especially the pregnant mommies) buat me rasa happy sangat sebab mereka pon terpengaruh dengan ayat comel Ompi ahaha..Ermm I hope they know “inside tummy” is not the correct abbreviation to define a baby in the womb hihi

my bamok bamok gompi

my bamok bamok moleen

That’s all for today..Taaa

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tioman vacation

Nak habaq pi kat hang, sebenaqnya banyak dah draft dok type dalam blog ni, tapi awat tatau takdak masa nk publish entry..This Tioman entry is a backdated one because we went there back in April. 

We stayed at Berjaya Hotel, 2 rooms with a connected door for a family of 10..of us..Tedia padat noh! Our vacation went for 3 days 2 nights and we drove as early as 4.00 am from SK, arrived at Mersing before 10.00am to catch a ferry.. Tioman Island is located in Pahang but the nearest way to go is from Mersing Johor.

So many activities were filled in, but put aside lepaking in the room, swimming, shopping etc, because I want to highlight extraordinary activity which i did - snorkeling . Ok that was my very first time walaupon I berasal dari pulau but I never had the guts to try before and why oh why I could only feel the excitement when I nearly reach 3 series..sobsss.. (pause)…hiks! JAKUN/PEGHAK whatever words you might say, but it was too good to be true that I felt so excited dengan ikan-ikan comel berkerumun di badan masa floating ahahah! 

Sophie was brave enough jumped from the boat and floated in the sea like no one cares (walaupon tok daddy risau). I would rather think it was such a good exposure for her albeit her swimming skill is still modest. Oleh kerana Tok Daddy is kinda protective, Yayan hanyalah kanak-kanak yang hanya mampu memerhati kami dari atas boat...hihi

The weather was bit gloomy and little rain pouring while we were in the sea. Kebagusannya adalah, tak payah tonyoh SPF cream or whatever sunblock cream, no heating sunlight and maybe Allah telah merahmati percutian kami.Maybe.Syukurlah. 

Telling about food is a must. Makanan kat sana mahal weh ( I mean seafood), but the taste wasn't bad ..Bolehlah..However the complementary free breakfast sangatlah sedap.. Free food never lah tak sedap kan? Lagipun 5 stars hotel so haruslah ok, ye dak? Ok stop.

There you go, our vacation according to my camera…Must see all because every photos has a story..this will make my entry extra long..LOL

Jeti Mersing

tadaaa, TIOMAN island!..I skip the ferry moment ..err not skip but no photos at all. Everybody was super sleepy  and nobody cared about taking picture

ehhh jangan campak anakku yayan..hihi

camwhore in front of our chalet. Chalet? seems not not a match word either..habis tuh hotel? hmm doesn't look like one..whatever you want to call it lah!

swimming with kiddos..kakak went to the adult pool..

Seafood for dinnah! Right after this pic was taken, a very abusive cat scratch mama's hand and everyone was panicked. Drama of the night.huhu

hubby went for a karaoke session with his brother..cisss pergi time all of us sleeping pulak tuh...kempunan nak berkaroks tau! Marah bila dapat tahu!!
Marah telah reda keesokkan harinya kerana kami telah dapat bercamwhore dengan baik sehingga lupa mengajak anak disebelah untuk bersama-sama senyum ketika mengambil gambar. Ya, saya sayang suami saya (uweeeekk..sila muntah sebaldi)
kucing bukan hidup teman tidur si Ompi

Yayan excitedly said " this is house mama"..Ok my dear, I should have taught you about trash bins in multi patterns..huhu
Sedap tak? Tipu cakap tak sedap...meleleh ayaq lioq hang kannn? This is one of many..

Wah bajet orang kaya nak naik private boat kan.? Padahal just speed boat besa ja..huhu..
Nice place! Mama paksa kami ambil gambar kenang-kenangan. Sebagai wanita fotogedik yang baik, yes kami menurut perintah.

Subhanallah..Kalau tangkap and goreng pon sedap ni..Masak lemak? Or sambal? or masak sweet sour??

Lil Miss Sophie looks proud of herself..

You can't never find me..

segerombolan pelancong yang kacak dan cantek..Kihkih
My God, I wish I can scoop the water and pour it in aquarium..would it stay clear crystal green like this?

Pulau whatever name it was - tempat singgah untuk bagi anak anak ku main pasir?..ok 

Jacuzzi session after island hopping!

Pengsan kepenatan!

mama yang habis burn..tak payah pakai spf cream konon kannn!

My loves

Kononnya, the gateway meant for stress reliever but when reached home I got high fever. Both lil misses were pretty vigorous during vacation because I fueled them with much supplements but like the idiot way I would always be, I forgot to take care of my wellbeing..Muahahaha..

Oh Tioman, I miss u.!~

Monday, March 18, 2013

Of curry and gulai dishes

When I was small, I hate to eat curry (or any gulai) because our everyday menu mesti ada gulai, it was a must to have gulai or curry, sambal belacan and sayur in our every meal time. 

According to emak, abah suka sangat makan gulai, kalau ada ikan masin n sambal belacan, he would add nasi berpinggan-pinggan. Back then, when my mother and I went to a market, bila mak beli ikan mahal macam red snapper atau grouper , I would ask her.."nak masak apa ni mak?"..mak akan cakap GULAI . Dalam hatiku --> "oh nott that againnnnn"..

But when I become a mother/wife/semihousewife, barulah I tahu kenapa ibu-ibu sangat suka masak gulai. First sekali, sebab bukan mudah weh nak masak gulai ni, kena make sure rempah betul-betul masak, sukatan minyak,asam garam bebawang and all condiments kena betul- betul tepat or otherwise gulai akan rasa pelik, then mesti tahu beza bahan bila nak masak gulai ayam ikan daging seafood and sebagainya..

Luckily I jenis yang cepat belajar memasak and since my husband peminat gulai/kari yang tegar, I dah jumpa pelbagai cara masakan gulai/kari..From amateur, I can claim myself as a gulaicurry master chef now..ewahh..Ignore me please..hiks

Ok here, I want to update just some of gulai and curry dishes copy from my fb..waaa lapaqlah pulokkk..

ni namanya kari sotong derhaka...babah nak kari ayam, but I terbeli sotong hahaha..
#not intentional

Gulai ayam padang..very rich, spicy and succulent ..nommm

Kari ikan baulu..ikan baulu ni spesis terubuk..manis-manis ..takde kat semenanjung tau

Asam lemak ikan kembung dengan terung

Of everydishes I made, the most awaiting part adalah menunggu pujian suami and anak anak..hihi..Bila babah and the kids cakap "Mama sedap sangat mama masak.." or " mom u r the best cook" (biasanya Ompi cakap ni) then berkobar-kobarlah den nak masak lopeh tuh..ahaha..Entah2 mak pon rasa macam ni dulu..hiks..

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Setia Alam - walkout with Tok Abba

Tok husband's uncle..the closest uncle whom my husband is so attached to. Abba ni still single uncle yang sangat ambil berat tentang anak anak saudaranya. My husband's sibblings bila datang KL, semuanya akan tinggal dengan Abba..kiranya he's been a shelter for them lah.

Abba no longer stays in KL, dah balik Sandakan last year, so he came to pay visit my little misses and baby Aydan recently..

Bawak Abba jalan jalan ke Setia Alam Mall..

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Platter for Little Misses (us)

I was super lazy to cook and since babah pon still kerja night shift, I made happy platter for us. Super easy to prepare for a super lazy busy mom like me..bhahaha..Lil' misses nampak enjoy every bite, so ok la kann..hahaha

Bila buat platter mesti kena ada chips, and healthy mix vege (sprinkled parmesan cheese sikit) then fish fingers (deep fried dory fillet dengan tepung goreng serbaguna adabi) and tuna sandwiches served with kewpie sandwich spread (yayan's favourite).. This happy plate also meant happiness to my tummy, jimat masa lepas dinner boleh tengok tv lepas solat dan mandi..hihi

During dinner, Soph asked me "why dont u cook for urself?"..and my answer was pretty simple " hmm..why not we share our dinner today? sharing is caring kan?"..;p

So, here's our happy platter .. ;)

Resepi Ayam Penyet

Yesterday, I really had this craving - nak makan sangat ayam penyet! No, I'm not pregnant! So I went googling and found an easy peasy recipe from a weblog (unfortunately I don't remember the blog URL). I amended that recipe just like the normal way I do when cooking..So I didn't put daun salam which is part of 'penyet' spice.  

This is Ayam penyet my way. Pardon my language because I just copy from my FB  comments which I initially shared with my friends  ;) (actually, malas nk type lagi hihi)

Come, lets cook.. ;)

Ayam (aku goreng 6 ketui ja)
Bawang holland besaq - 1 biji setengah
3 biji buah keras
Lengkuas - sebesar ibu jari
Kunyit- sebesar ibu jari
Jintan manis- satu sudu teh
Ketumbar- 2 sudu teh
Serai dua batang
Tepung ayam goreng adabi
Garam secukup rasa

Utk sambal ( boleh dapat semangkuk cukup la kan)
Cili merah 3 biji
Cili hijau 2 biji ( hihi kami x tahan pedas)
Setengah biji tomato besar yg belum ranum
Sebiji bawang holland saiz sederhana
Gula melaka pecah 1/6 or kurang sket
Kicap ABC satu sudu teh
Garam secukup rasa


Ayam Penyet
Kisaq bawang, lengkuas, serai, ketumbar, jintan manis, kunyit, buah keras

Rebus ayam dengan bahan kisar sampai 3/4 masak
Angkat dan toskan ayam dan hampas rempah
Air rebusan leh buat sup tapi mak x suka sup style Indon hihi

Panaskan minyak, lumurkan ayam dengan hampas rempah dan sedikit tepung adabi,
tambah sebuk kunyit sket utk bagi kuning and sedikit garam secukup rasa..
Gaul then goreng sampai garing dan toskan
Penyet ayam dengan senduk
**Goreng tauhu dan tempe dlm bancuhan hampas rempah dan tepung goreng ni jugak so dia rasa crispy kruk kruk

Blend cili, tomato, bawang
Panaskan minyak, tumis bahan ni sampai masak or naik minyak
Masukkan gula melaka, kicap ABC dan garam..
Masak sebati dan angkat
** boleh lebihkan cili padi kalau ampa suka pedas.. Laki mak suka manis2 sket sbb tuh kurang cili and ku letak gula melaka bulat,  1/6 hihi

Serve dengan ulam 2 dan kicap ABC Siap sedapppp!!

Selamat mencuba ;)